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02 May 2014


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Greetings from Cow Creek,

It’s always the seasons changing that reminds me I need to write and catch ya’ll up on our comings and goings.  January found us once again at the big Texas Music Festival in Steamboat Springs.  I particularly like that one because it gives me the opportunity to ski as well as get together with many of my musical friends and fans of Texas Music.  We came home and worked a couple of weeks and then I did something I rarely do, which is take some time off to be with the family.

Perhaps you recall my son Julian moved to Melbourne, Australia.  He and his fiancé, Renee, and her parents who live in Perth, Australia, came for a three-week vacation.  They visited us here at home for a few days, before we flew out to Salt Lake City for a week of skiing at City Park.  Then we drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for more awesome skiing.  I had a bad calf muscle pull and had tolay up during some of that time, but the ski areas were both awesome and much more challenging than what I am used to.  Anyway it was a welcome hiatus from working full time and we enjoyed it immensely!  Mid March graced us with another ski trip to Crested Butte, CO.  I was healed up and really made great progress in my skiing.  We hit the bumps and the black diamond slopes, led by Ruth.  She grew up skiing in Switzerland and really challenged us to try the more difficult slopes, and “Didn’t we have us a ball!

Back in Texas we hit the ground running making our rounds to our regular stops plus special appearances at the Houston Rodeo, which we closed with what we were told was the biggest and best show this year!  Texas Independence Day Weekend we did the Annual Celebration on the banks of the Frio River in Concan for our friends Bob and Dana Nunnely.  Late March found us featured at Mark Powell’s 4th Annual OUTLAWS AND LEGENDS MUSIC FESTIVAL which just gets bigger and better every year. We worked “3-bangers a week” throughout the month of April, highlighted by our appearance at the newly opened REDNECK COUNTRY CLUB in Houston.  We packed the place and anticipate that this will be the premier venue for seeing “live Texas Music” in Houston! Owner-promoter MICHAEL BERRY is a well known syndicated radio talk host in Houston, and he and his whole staff were 1st class in their welcoming us there. Then just last weekend we did the LARRY JOE TAYLOR

FESTIVAL in Stephenville.  Larry Joe has come a long way since the first one almost 30 years ago in Mingus, Texas, of which I was the headliner!  I had the opportunity to help him get started and am really proud of what he,Sherry, and son Zack have accomplished!


We are making our plans for our second excursion to Belize for 4 days in tropical paradise!  From Sept. 11-14 we have taken over the 5-Star luxury VICTORIA HOUSE in San Pedro, Belize, and inviting our friends and fans to join us once again for the most laid back and romantic holiday you can imagine.  I perform Friday and Saturday nightsafter gourmet dinners on the beach, weather permitting.  Belize offers some of the best snorkeling, fishing, and exotic excursions imaginable, all of which can be booked out of the VICTORIA HOUSE.  Just walk out to the pier and your boat will pick you up. Bring fish back and have them cooked or made into crevice at the hotel.  Best part for me is the quality of people who join us.  You will probably meet someone you know or meet new folks who will become “friends for life”!  There are only 84 places at the Victoria House.  The remaining slots are going fast so don’t delay!  Pick up the phone right now and call…………………………………


We had a record setting year in 2013 and anticipate onethis year!  The latest CD,  “ONE WAY OR ANOTHER” selling well by mail orders here at Bunkhouse Products, but the most impressive sales are coming via downloads atiTunes as are sales of all the other CD’s.  I am especially grateful for your support, whether it be in attending our shows, or the purchasing of CD’s.  The positive feedback I get is so much appreciated.  Also, we are grateful for the support we get from the radio stations that air our music.  We are just an independent family business that does all the work that most people hire to have done.  To me, freedom and independence are the most precious things in this life and in this country where the opportunity to start with nothing and make something of one’s life is still possible.

Not to ignore the importance of having a loving family, ours is doing well. Ruthie P.  has been outdoors more than inside since the weather has warmed up; tending her garden, and doing landscaping projects.  It feels and looks like a scene out of Mother Earth News as she uses her creative talent to make the place beautiful,

in addition to serving nutritious gourmet meals every evening.  Oh, yeah, she also takes care of most of the business regarding the band. I think I’ll keep her!

Son Lukin and his lady are coming out from Nashvillefor a visit around Memorial Day.  I’ll meet them at GrueneHalle in New Braunfels, and then we’re going out to the Kerrville Folk Festival for the TRIBUTE TO STEVEN FROMHOLTZ.  Looking forward so much to the rare opportunity to spending time with Lukin.  Grandson Sylasis graduating from High School and off to college this fall.  He has a scholarship to Vanderbilt if he chooses to gothere, as he is a top student at a special school for gifted kids.   He wants to be a lawyer and go in to politics!

Out of time, and out of space.  Love you all and I am so grateful for your friendship and support.  Pray for rain!  May God bless you all.

Adios Amigos!

Gary P. Nunn

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