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02 February 2012


Greetings from Cow Creek,

I’m back sooner than usual. Hope y’all don’t mind. Just want to share some of the things we’ve done lately before I forget. I was able, for the second year, to attend MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, Co., the first week in January. Once again, for those who are unaware, this is the greatest music festival happening, in my opinion! I just love to have the opportunity to ski at this awesome resort. Ruth was able to go with me this year, and being raised in Switzerland, is an excellent skier. Matter of fact, I learned how to ski, following her down the mountain. View wasn’t bad either! The snow was not it’s best there this year as it had been uncharacteristically dry, but there was enough snow on out-of-the-way trails to keep us thoroughly entertained.

Then, of course, there is the music festival. Produced by DICKSON PRODUCTIONS for 28 years now, it has grown into an awesome event, featuring scores of the hot young acts out of Texas. The festival is always sold out and the town is packed with hard-core Texas Music fans. Every year JOHN DICKSON, and the CENTER FOR TEXAS MUSIC HISTORY, select an artist to pay tribute to for contributions to the Texas Music Industry. This year, the honoree was the LOST GONZO BAND, the group I worked with back in the 70’s. We backed up on stage and recorded with Michael Martin Murphey and Jerry Jeff Walker. Together, we are credited with having started the Texas Music “Scare”, and no doubt, contributed to the “Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock”, as it was dubbed in the title of a book written by Austin author, Jan Reid. If you want to know the background of the movement, I recommend you read that book. Original band members, besides myself, were Bob Livingston, John Inmon, Kelly Dunn, Paul Pearcy and Craig Hillis, and we performed songs from that era. The “tribute ceremonial concert” included many of the young artists singing songs that we recorded back then. It was especially moving to hear Cody Canada, Roger Creager, The Rankin Twins, Owen Temple and others performing my songs. Michael Martin Murphey joined us on stage and we played his classic tunes, “GERONIMO’S CADILLAC”, “WILDFIRE”, “and “COSMIC COWBOY!” It was “déjà vu all over again”. We received beaucoups of compliments from the packed house. After the show, Olympic ski champion and head of the Steamboat Ski Resort, BILLY KIDD, came backstage and told stories of when we used to go to Steamboat with Jerry Jeff. He offered to give me ski lessons, which sadly, I didn’t couldn’t take advantage of. He assured me the offer was always good.

Yes sir! It started 2012 with a bang! Came home all energized and ready to go to work. Like Bob Livingston’s “Wilderness Song”, “there is no beginning, there is no end”, of the work, that is……………don’t want it to end.

In February, we’re going back in Tommy Detamore’s Cherry Creek Studio where we did TAKING TEXAS TO THE COUNTRY and CHRISTMAS TIME IN TEXAS. Tommy’s a great engineer to work with, not to mention his incredible musicianship on steel and guitar. I have a ton of great songs to choose from in Nunn Publishing. I just pick out 15 or so and go to work on them and try to end up with the12 that get the best response at our shows and dances. From the response I’ve gotten, I feel good about this next project.

“LET’S GO TO LUCKENBACH, TEXAS” for what has become a Texas Tradition, the Valentine’s Day, “HUG-IN” on Feb. 11th. Folks just love those “hug-ins”. It’s not every day you get to hug anybody you want. Even ugly guys can hug pretty girls. “SCARE ME!”

In Texas, February and March is Rodeo Season! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have been so good to us over the years, giving us the opportunity to perform for huge audiences at the Barbeque Cook-Off, Feb. 23rd & 24th, and the “Opening Night” slot at the “Hideout”, The Biggest Dance In Texas”, on Feb. 28th. Check out our tour schedule at or the Facebook site and join us for these traditional events and other great venues like the new “Graham Central Station” in Pflugerville and our first appearance ever in the classic Ft. Worth Honky Tonk, “Pearl’s Dancehall”. It’s been a long time since we’ve played Ft. Worth so I’m hoping all of our Ft. Worth area fans will help us celebrate our debut at Pearl’s.

March 3rd will find us returning to the Second Annual OUTLAWS AND LEGENDS MUSIC FESTIVAL in Abilene. Last year’s was a huge event! Texas Music fans from all over West Texas and the Panhandle showed up and gave us a fantastic reception. I guess we played pretty good. Can’t run down the whole schedule here but one I have to mention is our trip to FRANCE at the end of March. Return engagements by popular demand to EuroDisney’s BILLY BOB’S, one of the coolest Texas Honky-Tonks on the planet. Next door is the Disney Production of “WILD BILL HICKOK’S WILD WEST SHOW”. We are friends with the young cowboys and Indians in the cast. They’re all Americans, of course, and they put on a wonderful re-enactment of Bill Hickok’s original show. They show up at our gig in their totally authentic costumes, which really impresses the audience.

From Paris we take a fast train west to Brittany and play for a dance club out there. Imagine 800 French people “Line Dancing” in paired precision choreography. It’s really awesome! They greet us with a rousing AAA-OOO and treat us like visiting royalty. Very cool! Plan to visit Normandy while we’re there.

I didn’t intend to get so carried away. Got to run. The family is good. You have all been so good to us. Bring your friends to our shows. Encourage them to buys our CD’s or download our music from iTunes or I need to make the “big time” soon! I’m working on a new project and can’t wait to tell you about. Till next time, God Bless Us All.

Gary P.


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