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14 April 2011


Greetings from Cow Creek,

I finally found time to sit down and write a newsletter. We have been busy, busy, busy, as you know if you follow our schedule. The new year started off with a bang as we had the chance at last to accept the invitation to play the Steamboat Springs Music Festival. This is one awesome event! We received 1st class treatment by John Dickson and the whole Dickson Productions staff getting a headliner slot on the big stage on Saturday night. Amenities included a ski-in ski-out condo, lift passes and skis for the week. Now that’s what I call a good gig! By all accounts, we held our own in the crowd of “young guns” that filled the roster.

We returned and hit the ground running with a string of shows that included several appearances at the Houston Rodeo. Did I ever mention that two years ago we were the last act ever to play in the Astrodome? I closed down a lot of bars in my time, but that one has to go in the record book! Another notable show was the 1st Annual Outlaws and Legends Festival in March at the Lytle Ranch near Abilene. The crowd of 8,000 gave us a tremendous reception. I never asked if I was an outlaw or a legend.

Last year was a banner year as we set new records for attendance at our favorites venues, as well as sales of CD’s and merchandise. The “TAKING TEXAS TO THE COUNTRY” CD is doing very well and the singles, “The Girl Just Loves To Dance”, and the title track, had excellent runs up the Texas Music Charts. However, I believe that the tunes on this CD are of the quality that will be around for a long time. Also, we’re getting great play on “Willie’s Place” on XM 13. They play a wide range of material that I’ve recorded over the years. It’s really gratifying to be acceptable in the company of so many classic country music icons as well as the popular artists of today’s Texas Music scene. Of course, I have all of you to thank. It get’s me all charged up to do more as there is so much more that I want to do.

I have the pleasure to work with some of the best songwriters around through my publishing company and the material that has yet to be recorded is awesome in its volume and quality. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface and great new writers are appearing daily. I even write a song myself now and then. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I released a Christmas CD, “CHRISTMAS TIME IN TEXAS” cut at Tommy Detamore’s Cherry Ridge Studio. Tommy rounded up the very best studio musicians and they did an incredible job of knocking out great tracks in record time. Original Christmas songs by Levi Mullen was the basis for the project, plus great songs by Mike McAdoo, Willie Nelson, and Irving Berlin rounded out the CD.

The family is doing well. Ruth is still making improvements on the place here on Cow Creek. She built a chicken “run” and penned up her “yardbirds” that were tearing up the lawn with their scratching and pecking. Now she’s concentration on landscaping. She has the place looking really nice. She’s still cooking up a storm as well. I would tell her she should start a restaurant but then I’d have to go to town to eat. A mixture of European cuisines, Swiss, French, and Italian is what I get for supper every night…..yum, yum, yum. Lukin is still in Nashville, playing some music and working for Whole Foods. Grandson Sylas is 14 and 6 ft. tall, makes straight A’s and plays guitar and lacrosse. He’s the first in my family to play lacrosse. Julian is still working his job in Houston and studying for his real estate license. He’s the captain of the Houston Area Rugby team. I know he’s the only one in the family to play rugby.

Our calendar is full for the next few months with lots of great shows. Some are venues we haven’t been before. I always look forward to the opportunity to win over new fans. Check out the “Road Dates” on the website at for a complete list of shows. We’re working steady all the way to Memorial Day Weekend when we do our “Let’s Get Wet” Holiday tour. We start on Friday at the BACKPORCH in Port Aransas, head out to the Frio River to the HOUSEPASTURE in Concan, then back to Guadalupe River in New Braunfels where we finish out the “wet weekend” at the Oldest Dance Hall in Texas, GRUENE HALL.


There is one very special event happening that I want to call special attention to.
We will be performing for the dedication and grand opening of THE LONE STAR MONUMENT AND HISTORICAL FLAG PARK on Thursday, April 21st, the 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, at a site next to the Montgomery County Central Library in Conroe, Texas. Montgomery County was where the Texas State Flag was originally designed by Dr. Charles B. Stewart. Many state and local dignitaries, Congressional Medal Honor Recipient, Navy Seal Mike Thornton, Grammy winner Clint Black and Marty Stuart, to mention a few of the honorary flag raisers, will be present. Cannoneers from The Sons of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston IV and his 30-man army, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas and over 20 reenactment musketeers will ring volleys as the flags are raised. Festivities begin at 5:30 pm and visitors are encouraged to arrive early and bring lawn chairs to comfortably enjoy the afternoon and evening activities. For more information, visit or I’m honored to be invited to perform a concert beginning at 8:00pm. This is truly an event that Texas patriots everywhere will not want to miss.

Well, that’s about all the bragging I have for right now. I’m just proud that I’m able to do what I do and have people enjoy it. If it wasn’t for my fans and friends I would have given it up a long time ago. You have to realize that it’s all done without PR firms or the acknowledgement or approval of the established music industry. I figure if people like it, that’s all the acknowledgement and approval I need. We are encouraged by the growth we are experiencing and the excitement and enthusiasm of our audience. How many times have I heard?, “I’ve heard of you for years, but have never seen you in person. You guys are really good!” I tell them, “better late than never.” Just come on in and join our “Friends For Life” club. Speaking of, the guys in the band get Carhart ranch jackets every year. Many fans have asked if it’s possible to obtain one. The answer is yes. I bought a small quantity of ladies sizes small and medium in turquoise, raspberry, and rose colors. I can have them embroidered with the band logo on the back just like the guys in the band, as well as your names embroidered above the breast pocket. Of course I can get men’s sizes too in various colors as they are available in most western wear stores such as Cavender’s Boots. These jackets are light but very warm and durable. Just contact Ruth and we will have the embroidery work done. It takes a while but we will “get’er done”. They make perfect Christmas gifts for Gary P. fans. Check out the picture on the website with Sherry Pye, our merchandise girl modeling.

Until next time, I will say, “adios amigos”. May your life be blessed and “vaya con Dios”.

Gary P. Nunn


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