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28 September 2009


Greetings from Cow Creek,

A big ol’ Texas howdy do to all of you out there. Checking in once again for the quarterly report from the “bunkhouse on the hill” overlooking Cow Creek and an excellent view of the Texas Hill Country. Longhorns are grazing on the hill yonder and a dozen or so white tail are flicking their tails in the pasture just below. We’ve had some rain and things have greened up nicely….is greened a verb?…Hurricane Rick out of the Pacific converged with a cold front and dumped a good deal of rain. The lakes are rising and our pond is full for the first time in two years. Looks like our prayers, incantations, and rain dances were successful. We’re still at a deficit for average rainfall, but we are thankful for relief, and hoping it is not just temporary. I wrote a song a long time ago called, “I WISH IT WOULD RAIN”…I find myself singing it sometimes, but I have no idea where it’s stashed away…..

We have been quite busy as you know if you get the weekly updates. I’m pleased we are able to maintain the level of business we’ve enjoyed over the past years, despite the downturn in the economy and the exponential increase of the numbers of bands that have mushroomed in Texas…is mushroomed a verb?…I know I’m having the most fun I’ve had in my #%$&? years of playing music. It is play, and play is supposed to be fun!! Lately we’ve been playing in the studio and recording some new music. Thirteen new songs that have passed the test in the dance halls of Texas have been recorded at TOMMY DETAMORE’s studio in Floresville. The tentative release date will be in early 2010. We will be announcing the release date as soon as it is available. I’m excited and confident about this new project .

We lost our dear friend and compatriot in Texas Music, RUSTY WEIR.. couple of weeks ago. A memorial tribute to him took place at the Saxon Pub in Austin this past week. I saw many old friends and ex band mates that I haven’t seen in years. I played with Rusty back in the late 60’s in the Lavender Hill Express, and all the members of that group were there as well as ex booking agents, producers, and roadies, and most are still making music or associated in some way. Rusty was a special person, and a great entertainer…and performed every chance he had until the very end. He will be greatly missed and “never forgotten”. The last thing he said to me was, “all I ever wanted to do was to bring a smile to people’s faces”. I think he succeeded. Don’t it make you wanna dance…Don’t it make you wanna smile…????

That’s difficult to follow but I need to move on. I should start by thanking the people in Texas Radio who are giving me more and more airplay. I know because I get reports all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. One I am especially pleased about is the play I’m getting on XM RADIO, on the Outlaw Station, Margaritaville, and particularly on WILLIE’S PLACE on XM 13. You can’t imagine the thrill it is to hear your songs played next to the greatest names in classic country music!

We’re off again soon to Washington, D.C. to perform for the TEXAS STATE SOCIETY’s annual “TERLINGUA TWO-STEP” shindig! The Texas State Society is an organization of Texans who live and work in nation’s capital. They’ve had us there for the last three Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies. It’s a special treat to be invited to play this event, as they can have anyone they choose. We plan to go a day or so early and visit the monuments, and museums, and renew our patriot spirit. I think they wanted a Texas band they could dance to, and since that’s what we specialize in, we would be the perfect choice.

I am proud to announce that our friends at LOVE AND WAR IN TEXAS in Plano, are presenting me with their LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD on Nov. 4th. The TEJAS BROTHERS, MARK DAVID MANDERS, TOMMY ALVERSON, ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS, AND MAX STALLINGS are scheduled to be there. Kickoff time will be at 5:30 PM. I am really proud and pleased to have been selected for this honor. The folks at Love and War have been my strongest supporters as well as great personal friends. They are the “primary promoters” of Texas Music and the center for it in the Dallas area. I’m hoping you can join us there for this special event at this very special venue. Come hungry cause they have the best “Texas Cooking” in the world!

We were joined on stage recently at Blanco’s by four lead singers from the HOUSTON GRAND OPERA singing backup to “Johnny B. Goode”. Singers from Russia, Mexico, Ireland and the UK were “rockin’ out” with the Bunkhouse Band. None of this “fat lady stuff” here. We’re talking beautiful young people. I was thrilled they appeared to be enjoying themselves so much. I’d be pleased if someone taking pictures that night would send some this way so we can publish them on our internet sites.

The family is doing well. Ruthie always has some project going on around here, as well as taking care of our band business. Julian is still at his good job in Houston and playing rugby. Lukin is doing well with his job with Whole Foods in Nashville as well as playing in a band and writing songs. Grandson Sylas voice has changed and he’s growing up to be a handsome young man who makes straight A’s, and plays the tenor saxophone and has taken up guitar. He seems to have inherited genuine musical talent. OH…NO!

I’m running out of page so I better wrap this up. I will end by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you all for your friendship and support. Check out our Myface and Spacebook sites as well as the ( home page that is being upgraded as we speak. This is the world we live in they tell me. The one thing you can’t change is change. To be real, one has to be digital these days. I plan to remain real in the real world, and to continue to do what I love….which is to play music and share it with my friends. I’m hoping you will come out and share it with us. Till then, I will remain,

Your friend for life,
Gary P. Nunn


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