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02 September 2014


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Greetings from Cow Creek,

I’m back again, having found a space and a little time to catch up with you and catch you up on some of our comings and goings.  We’ve had a good summer touring wise having had the opportunity to play in Port Aransas 5 times this season!  Next year y’all will have to plan a Port A family vacation around one of our weekends there.  Lots of folks are doing that and seem to enjoy it immensely!  It’s been too hot for golf here lately and so terribly dry.  We had installed water collection tanks capable of storing 10,000 gallons of water.  Two or three inches of off the roofs of our buildings fills them up but right now they are all empty!  We all need to pray for rain as this area is getting down to near critical status.


I am pleased to announce that our SECOND ANNUAL BELIZE BASH is completely sold out, so our group will have sole occupation of the luxurious VICTORIA HOUSE

In San Pedro, Ambergris Cay, Belize for four glorious days!  This is a vacation trip for me as the pace there is so incredibly laid back.  Ruth gets to join me this time.  You may recall last year, she couldn’t go because she was in the middle of her naturalization process.  Now she is a genuine American citizen and she takes it to heart!  Last night she quizzed me if I knew how many amendments there are to the U. S. Constitution?   Our good friend Steve Fronterhouse, the manager of the 5 Star Houstonian Hotel and Spa in Houston, is the brains and energy behind this trip and I am so grateful to him, and to be able to join so many of my friends and fans for this very special time as a result of his commitment to making it happen.

Things have been going good with the band.  I have a really great bunch of guys working with me, and it makes playing music so much more enjoyable.  We have maintained a full schedule of shows statewide, and have added new venues to our list of regulars. The Redneck Country Club in Houston is a notable example. Ruth created a workspace for me where I can read, write and rehearse and work on a couple of side projects I have taken on besides trying to improve my playing skills.  One being to take advantage of opportunities that have come my way to exploit the thousands of photographs I have taken dating back to 1976.  It is quite a photo-document of those years and the people I encountered in my travels.  It could develop into a book of photos, photo exhibitions, and etc.  But I have to put in the time and do the work.  Another project is to write a book about my life in music.  At last, I have actually begun the process of writing a couple of hours a day.  My old friend and picking buddy, Craig Hillis, from the Michael Murphey- Jerry Jeff Walker days,  is a professional writer and is mentoring and motivating me.  Getting started is the hard part, but I have started.  It actually comes pretty natural to me, but requires a lot of discipline.  Cousin Milton used to say, “Get to work.  Get to work. I’m not your momma and I don’t love you…….. get to work!”


I am pleased as well to announce that we have entered into a sponsorship/endorsement agreement with the LONE STAR BREWERY!  It will be great to have their support.  It’s such a natural fit.  Three of my most popular songs were penned as radio spots for Lone Star several years back.  “The Nights Never Get Lonely”,  “It’s A Texas Thang”, and “What I Like About Texas” were all written as special projects for Lone Star.   “The Nights Never Get Lonely”, a collaboration with my Lost Gonzo Band compadre, Bob Livingston, was the first and goes back to 1970’s when Lone Star launched a hugely successful promotional campaign in association with the Armadillo World Headquarters.  Jim Franklin painted scores of classic posters depicting armadillos and Lone Star and established permanently the iconic image of the armadillo and Lone Star in Texas culture!  So, “put a cold Lone Star In Your Hand…………….”

Ruth is doing well and busy with her animals, her plants, and making our home a lovely place to land.  She cooks like a Swiss chef and sets fabulous dinners on the table every night!  She also builds, pours concrete, lays rock, landscapes, and grows a garden as well as being my full partner in the handling of our music business.  I was so lucky to have her come into my life!  I keep threatening to tell the story of how we got acquainted in Zurich, Switzerland back in 1983.  However, I might save it for the book!  It’s a good one…….

Our son, Julian, has moved to Australia and is involved in a promising start-up business  involved in the mining and railroad business.  Looks like he’s settling in there.  We have plans to take a rare extended vacation “down under” next January.  We’re really looking forward to that!   Son Lukin is still in Nashville working at Whole Foods, and playing in bands.  He’s met a fine girl and they plan to get married when she graduates from Nursing School next January.  I’m so pleased for both of them!  Our grandson, Sylas, spent a couple of weeks with us recently.  He just graduated from high school with honors and a terrific scholarship.   He enrolled at Hendrix College in Arkansas.  He’s 6’ 3”…….My daddy would be so proud he had some smart and tall progeny!

As you can see, we’re keeping ourselves occupied.  We are so grateful for the many blessings we enjoy, and for the countless friends and fans we can claim.  Your support is absolutely essential to our success and indeed to our very survival.  I can definitely sense that we are making progress as folks are coming out of the woodwork saying,  “I’ve never seen you, but I’ve always liked your music”.   We just need everyone that does like our music to “come on out of the shadows” and actively join our little crusade.  One of the greatest things happening is the incredible digital sales we are getting via iTunes!  Thanks to all that do that.  Thanks to the radio stations that support us…also, to the many venues we call home.  Visit the garypnunn website and Facebook page for news, info, tour schedules, and the Bunkhouse Products section which features all our merchandise.  Sales are way up this year, and we really appreciate that.  I have 16 CD”s in my catalog……I would never have imagined it…..

The Music Fest is celebrating 30 Years in Steamboat Jan 2015.    Book your reservation and join us for some great music and fun!

So, in closing, come and be with us when you can….conserve water….pray for rain… extremely careful with fire as the country is a tender box!  God bless Texas… God bless America……until next time……I will remain…..

Your friend for life!

Gary P Nunn

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