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02 October 2011


Greetings from Cow Creek,

Oh, it’s been a long, hot and dry summer in Texas, but you all know that.  Thank goodness it’s almost over, but we still need rain desperately.  It’s hard on everyone when there’s a shortage of rain, but particularly farmers and ranchers not to mention the animals.  Ruth has put out a water trough for the wild critters and it’s crowded every night with raccoons, fox, coyotes, and deer, fighting for a drink.

The good news is that we’ve had a banner year!  Our schedule has had us working a good 30% more than average, breaking in new markets and winning over new fans.  Also, there has been a definite surge in the number of attendance at the regular rooms we play and certainly an increased enthusiasm since the release of our latest CD, “TAKING TEXAS TO THE COUNTRY”.  Product sales are at an all-time high.  The band and the road crew have gelled and work very well together, which makes for smoother running operation, which manifests itself in the quality of our shows.  All things considered, we’re doing well despite the downturn in the economy.  There’s still a lot of room for growth.  I have not even begun to reach the goals that I feel are within our reach.  How many times have I heard, “I been a fan of your music for many years but this is the first time I’ve seen you live!”  Go figure.

The family is all good.  We just had our annual family get-together in Port Aransas.  We play the Back Porch there every four weeks during the summer, and it’s pleasing that so many of you plan your vacations around our shows there.  Think about making your plans now to join us next year.  It’s normally Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, and at the end of July.  We were having dinner at the ROOSEVELT at the historic TARPON INN with owner Lee Roy Hoskins and he introduced us to Capt. Dan.  Capt. Dan invited my grandson Sylas and I to go fishing for marlin 150 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico!  It was fantastic and the thrill of a lifetime.  Sylas caught the biggest fish.  I’d love to get used to going fishing off shore.  Matter of fact, I got to go tarpon fishing with Steve Fronterhouse and stay at the Houstonian Hotel and Spa in Houston.  We are so lucky and truly blessed to have such friends in our lives.

We’re scheduled to go back to France again next spring and very much looking forward to that.  Going back to the dance club in Britanny again, as well as Billy Bob’s at EuroDisney and working on shows in Germany,  Switzerland and Italy.  I toured extensively in Europe back in the 80’s.  I met Ruth in Zurich and that was the luckiest event of my life.  I’m so looking forward to taking this band over and kicking some major “you know what”!  “We’re taking Texas to the country…..we’re taking Texas to the world”.

For years people have said to me,  “Gary P., why don’t you have a music festival?”  Some of you may recall we used to have a Chili Cook-Off and Summer Social at our ranch when we lived in Oklahoma.  Those were good and lots of young artists got a jump start of their careers from there…Pat Green, The Great Divide, and Cross Canadian Ragweed to name a few.  The good folks at Luckenbach have approached me to do a Gary P. Nunn Music Festival, and we are entertaining the idea with enthusiasm.  Of course, having the support of individual and corporate sponsorship is essential to make it happen the way it should, so I will throw it out there now.  We are soliciting sponsorships for a Gary P. Nunn Festival to be held at Luckenbach in April of 2012.

We’re thinking Street Dance and we would feature the best in show and dance bands and I know more than a few that would fit in that category.   If there are those of you out there that would consider being a sponsor for such an event, we invite you to contact us for details.  Contact Ruth Nunn at AO Enterprises, Inc.,  at  830-798-9535 or by e-mail at

I have a long history at Luckenbach going back to the Viva Terlingua recording with Jerry Jeff Walker that pretty much launched this Texas Music Scene to a national level.  The atmosphere was magic, with Hondo Crouch, a kind of  “cowboy Peter Pan”, enchanting us with his wit and wisdom, and special brand of Texas charm.  I still feel that magic every time I go there, and that’s the atmosphere we are looking to create with this festival.  Give us a call and let’s “get’er done”!

I have to close now and get on the road cause “my way, is the highway”.  I’m off to LOVE AND WAR IN TEXAS and the HALL OF FAME in Aggieland.  I just can’t wait to get to the shows cause I’m having so much fun. I want to thank you all, especially those that have shown their loyalty and support through the years.  I want to encourage you to come see us and bring your friends cause you know that once they experience it, they’ll be hooked.  Our products are available by mail order at the website.  Just place your order and we’ll have it to you as soon as the US Postal Service can deliver.  Check out Facebook as well for updates and tour schedule.  The website is   Until next time I will remain,

Your friend for life,
Gary P. Nunn


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