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13 October 2012


Greetings from Cow Creek,

Hello once again. I’m getting ready to hit the road for a while so I’m taking the opportunity to send along a few words of news while I have the chance. First, I wanted to thank God for the recent rains and cool weather. Our country is in desperate condition and the few inches we’ve had lately have really greened things up around here. We still need bunch more to get the lakes back to normal as they are down significantly but we’re so thankful for the rain we’ve had.

The big news is the release of the new CD, “ONE WAY OR ANOTHER”. I’m really pleased with it and feel it’s the best one yet! It’s been out a couple of weeks now and the feedback is starting to come in and it’s all very positive I’m so pleased to announce. Seems everyone has their particular favorite. I thought about using as a promotional line, “You’re going to find yourself in this CD somewhere”, and it appears to be working out to be true. I’m hoping each of you will take the time to order it by going to the www.garypnunn website and ordering online. We’ll get it to you as quickly as the mail can deliver. Also, it is available on iTunes, as so many nowadays are getting our music. If you don’t find yourself in there somewhere, I’ll give you money back. Theirs is little humor, a little heartache, and a lot of good ole Texas fun, plus one flat out rocker titled, “COWBOY BOOTS AND TELECASTERS”! I just couldn’t resist it. The Red Dirt radio guys are always saying we want something rockin’, so here it ‘tis guys. “One way or another, you’re gonna love me someday!

Just got back from a run out to New Mexico with stops in El Paso, Roswell, and Cimarron, more specifically, Cold Beer, NM., with a stopover in Santa Fe to do a radio show with Donna Howell at KSFR, and some green chili enchiladas. Each show was totally different. El Paso was mostly under 18 year olds just learning how to country dance. They’d never heard of me, but we had a packed house and dance floor before the night was over. Roswell was basically a sit down concert, in an elegant wine shop, but it didn’t take them long to push the chairs and tables back and it became a dance. “Oh, thank you so much for coming to Roswell!” We had so much fun, we’ll go back anytime! Cold Beer, NM is a roadhouse in the classic sense….out on the prairie, next to the mountains, deer and antelope everywhere…..buffalo herds as well. , and the crowd all came from the huge ranches around there. Two songs came to mind…..”oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play”……and “you ask me what I like about Texas”. It was coming out of Raton, which is right there, that I got the idea to write that song.

We busted out of there early Sunday morning, hopped in David Alger’s plane and winged it down to Hunt, Texas for my annual Tejas Vaquero trail ride. This is an event that I live for, as I get to ride good horses and celebrate the Texas Cowboy lifestyle for a few days, and enjoy the camaraderie of a great group of men. Most people only have a few friends if they’re lucky. I have about 400! Gotta love it. “We rode a lot of horses…..friends… good friends…friends for life.”


Let me remind you again about this new fangled smart phone thing I’m hooked up with, and I want to invite you to “hook-up” with me. Get your smart phone and go to text…..if you text garyp (no space) to 70000 you will momentarily get a reply welcoming you to the GARY P. NUNN VIP ALL ACCESS FAN CLUB! I will be able to send brief messages to you in “real time” informing you of the latest “goings-on” with Gary P and the Sons of the Bunkhouse. I promise not to fill your message box up with junk. I only use it when we have something really special I feel like you, as a part of our “family” would be interested to know. You may opt-out anytime you’re not comfortable with being “hooked-up”. “Let’s get together, one more time, for old time’s sake……..”

I’ve had the rare opportunity recently spend quality time with some fellows I’ve admired from a distance for quite some time. Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen and I have crossed paths recently. It’s been a real pleasure to reconnect after a lot of years. I haven’t seen them for more than a brief moment since the days when they were first getting started and have watched their careers explode! Kevin Fowler and Jack Ingram are two others. It’s just so great to see these guys doing so well. There’s a bunch of other young fellows coming along, and it’s amazing to watch as they grow and develop as artists. I’m happy to say they all make a point to recognize me for having had some small influence on them when they were getting started. That really makes me feel humble and proud and the same time.

The family is doing well. Ruth has been her normal, “busy as a bee” self. Besides keeping me and the band thing lined out, she’s added more deck onto the house, expanded her garden, put up a freezer full of peaches that she grew, installed gutters on the house to collect rain water into reservoirs with a capacity of 6000 gallons. One 3 and ½ inches of rain collected 5000 gallons of water! Solar panels and windmill power generation is probably coming. She’s making the dreams of my younger days come true. It’s like Mother Earth News around here. Plus, she cooks like a gourmet chef. How could a guy get so lucky?

Lukin is still in Nashville working for Whole Foods and playing in his band. I don’t get much news but the latest is he’s doing fine. Julian took a new job with Baker Hughes in Houston. He’s 27 now and still going strong with his rugby. Grandson Sylas is a junior in a school for gifted kids in Nashville. Did I say junior in high school? Wow! Looks like he may be up for a scholarship to Vanderbilt…! Double wow!

Hey, running out of space and time and I’m the master of neither. Leaving tomorrow for 7 shows in 6 days, including Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering where the Lost Gonzo Band is getting back together for a reunion. Then to the Broken Spoke for our OFFFICIAL GRAND OLD CD RELEASE PARTY! Thank you all for you friendship and support. Love you more that you can imagine, and consider all to be my close personal “friend for life”. Check out our schedule at or on Facebook. We have lots of great shows coming up this fall right through Christmas. New Year’s is still available, then off to Steamboat Springs again for the fantastic Dickson Productions Music Fest and Ski Holiday! Tickets for that sold out early last year. It’s a great way for music fans to take a ski trip in one of the coolest areas in the country and hear great music for a week! “Scare Me!” Fun though. Adios amigos. Vaya con Dios!

Gary P. Nunn


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