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02 December 2016


Greetings from Cow Creek,

I’m sorry to be so late getting back to you.  I’ve been tied up writing a book and that’s taking up all my time and more.  I have a March deadline and it really has me under the gun.  It’s a very interesting process trying to tell my story and I actually enjoy it very much.  To add to that, our schedule and business has picked up considerably, so I’m busier than ever.  The band has really come together and that’s a major contributor, plus it’s so much more enjoyable to perform when you have the guys actively supporting you and enjoying playing music.  In addition, there seems to be an increase in our audience’s enthusiasm at the shows.  I had planned to retire at the end of this year, but I’m still healthy and I might as well take advantage of the new opportunities that are presenting themselves and ‘make hay while the sun is shining’.

You may have noticed an increase in activity in the social media.  We have entered into a relationship with a company headed by Dee Foster of Dallas that specializes in that genre and the results are notable.  I hope you will visit the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sights, and click on the “like” as much as possible.

That’s he world we live in and how score is kept these days, so anything you can do for me along those line is greatly appreciated.

It’s after Thanksgiving I realize and Christmas will be upon us in the blink of the eye, so I wanted to remind you that all our products are available for mail order via Pay Pal at the website.  We still have plenty of time to get them to you by Christmas, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to give a Gary P Nunn fan something for Christmas…..or perhaps turn a friend on to us and have them join our “Friends For Life” family.

You may recall this past year I had mentioned that I am a volunteer supporter of the Rhett Foundation.  The Rhett Foundation was establishing by Kevin Black, who you will recognize as Kent Black’s brother.  Kevin lost his daughter to the rare and dreaded disease called Rhett Syndrome that attacks children, primarily girls.  As a labor of love, Kevin, an accomplished singer/songwriter and photographer teamed up with legendary photographer, Dave Clements, and put together a beautiful ‘table book’ of over 200 photos they took of some of the biggest stars in the music business who agreed to participate in the effort to raise funds to support the Rhett Foundation…..names like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffett, B.B. King, The Temptations, and the list goes on forever.  There is informative text accompanying each photo that any music fan would be interested to read.  I’m proud and honored to have been included in this great collection.

I have acquired a stock of these books and am offering them for sale at my shows and I will gladly autograph each copy.  You may obtain copies directly from the Foundation by Googling  “RAISING A HAND” and I sincerely hope that you will do so.  It will a make perfect Christmas present and all proceeds go directly to the Rhett Foundation.

I’m forced to cut this short, as I have to get back to the book I’m writing.  Our goal is to have it out by next September, so I’m focused on getting that done, so I can do some other things, like recording another CD and putting together a book of my own photographs.  It would be nice to take some time off now and then ski, play a little golf, ride some horses, and spend some times with my wife and family.

Speaking of wife and family, Ruth went on ‘cooking tour’ in Italy and Sicily last April.  On that trip she ruptured a disc that is pinching a nerve and she has been in a lot of pain since that time.  She refuses to take pain medication.  She is in physical therapy and it gives her some relief but she’s not 100%.  She can’t hammer and saw and build rock walls like she would normally, but she does everything else that doesn’t require heavy physical labor including putting some of those Italian recipes on the dinner table.  Our dealings with the medical and insurance world have been a nightmare.  I wonder what happened?  It hurts to see someone you love suffer with pain.

My two sons, Lukin and Julian, are married to wonderful women and are settling in and getting on with their lives together.  Lukin is still in Nashville, and Julian and Renee came back from a two-year stint in Melbourne, Australia, and resettled in Houston.

Okay…..gotta run.   Thanks to all for your friendship and support.  I reckon I’m gonna   ’keep on keeping on’.  I’m still having fun…..that’s why they call it ‘playing’.

God bless you everyone and may you have a joyous Christmas holiday season!

With lots of love, I will remain your,

Friend for Life,

Gary P. Nunn


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