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10 January 2014


Greetings from Cow Creek, Texas!

Just sitting here cleaning off my desk, (a never-ending chore) and I have made some progress, so I thought I would just crank up the MacBook and write a few lines. We’ve had some cold weather so the red mountain cedar is popping and I have been suffering since I got back from the big TexasMusicFest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This event is totally awesome! Not only is it at one of the best ski areas in America, but it is just a Texas Music Festival of immense proportions. The talent is the best of the “young guns” that Texas has to offer, but producer/promoter John Dickson and his organization never fail to invite Texas artists that the average person would not think to include. This year I had the great pleasure to hang, ski and visit with artists like Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Bri Bagwell, Tom Shephard and too many more to mention here, but had the chance to do a show with my old buddy, Michael Martin Murphey. The icing on the cake was to visit with and hear perform, JD Souther; what an awesome talent! JD wrote many of the hits for the Eagles, as well as Linda Ronstadt and many others. He’s from Amarillo and wrote his first song with Red Steagall back in the ‘60’s, but spent most of his time in Los Angeles living the California life. These days, he lives in Nashville and is acting in the TV series, NASHVILLE. When he sang, “Johnny come lately, new kid in town,” I got cold chills. We talked about the old days in West Texas, and he was well aware of the Fabulous Sparkles, that I played with back then. We had spent time together in London in 1973 when I was there with Murphey and he was there with the Eagles working on the Desperados LP. If you like music, and if you like skiing, get in line, cause the tickets sell out in a couple of days! The highlight for me personally was when I sat down at the piano in the lobby of the Grand Hotel about midnight the last night, and kept about 100 people singing along till security made us “shut ‘er down!”

My wife Ruth is putting the finishing touches on the “man cave” she’s been building for me the last couple of months. It’s so nice, I hate to go in there and mess it up, but I’m going to. I’m moving my piano and all my instruments over there and I can make as much noise as I want, and if anyone complains, that’s just too bad! There’s space to rehearse and I’m looking forward to having musicians out and just play. Music is supposed to be fun, and something to share. I’ve had all the fun a cowboy can have by himself! I have several big projects looking me in the face. One is another CD. Have lots of songs to choose from in the publishing company, and have lots of stuff I’ve written over the years that I would like to make another pass at and hopefully make them sound more like I intended in the first place. You don’t always get it perfect the first time. However, the things I have done have served me pretty well and as time passes it’s the quality of the words that seems to win out. Lot’s of number one songs are so soon forgotten. These days, so may of them are so forgettable.

Also, I may have mentioned before that I have an extensive library of photographs I took mostly in the 70’s and 80’s that document my travels and the people I encountered along the way. Anyone who lived in Austin during that period would recognize the characters that I photographed around town, on the road and places like Luckenbach and the Kerrville Folk Festival. Who of you would recognize Townsend Miller, Kenneth Threadgill, Stephen Fromholtz, Alan Damron, Cosmic Carl, Linda Weatherby, Walter Hyatt, Champ Hood, and David Ball: Hondo Crouch, Carlin Majewski, Peter Rowan, Lisa Gilkyson, Alan Lazarus, Christy Ellenger Pipkin, Slappy Dave Gilstrap, Scott Newton, Bud Shrake, Joe Gracey, Tim O’Conner…..and thousands more? I’ve often thought that is would be a great theme for a club/restaurant to just project on the walls, a continuous stream of the entire catalog. I can see people coming to the club just to watch the pictures….”look there’s so’n’ so….oh, lookie there, that’s me!…..I remember her…..whatever happen to him? Maybe you get the gist of the project I’m contemplating. Several University Presses have expressed interest in publishing a book of photos, and well as an autobiography of my experiences in the music business. So as you can see I have my work cut out for me.

Meantime, I’m up to my ears in working a full schedule with my band on the road, looking after the record and publishing companies, and keeping the books and paying the bills. Ruth is a full partner in all this. I don’t want to give the impression I do all this myself. We both have our duties and they keep us busy. She does hers and manages to keep a beautiful house and put beautiful food on the table every night! Believe me, I eat gourmet meals every meal, most with a European flavor as she is Swiss….pardon….was Swiss. She finally gave up her precious Swill passport, and was sworn in as an American Citizen in November. I’m really proud of her. She is so good at everything she does, and I’m not afraid to tell the world how much I love her!

Son Lukin is still in Nashville and working at Whole Foods, one of the great companies in America. It’s a great success story that started here in Austin. I may even have photos of some of the founders! His son Sylas is graduating high school with honors next spring. He has been accepted by several prestigious colleges, including Vanderbilt, but I’m hoping he’ll come to Texas or Texas State. I need some family around. Julian moved to Melbourne, Australia, found a good job and is settling in with his lovely fiancé, who is Australian. We’re going to meet them in Park City, Utah, and then go to Jackson Hole for some awesome skiing and a well deserved vacation. We haven’t taken two weeks off ever!

Then it’s back to work. We had a good year and anticipating another one. I’m looking forward to getting back out there as I am having more fun than ever playing music. Check out for tour schedules and products. Regular posts go up on Facebook. All of my music is available for downloads on ITunes. I thank you all for your continued friendship and support.

Until next time, I will remain your ‘friend for life”.

Adios amigos and God bless us all!
Gary P Nunn


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