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06 January 2015


Greetings from Cow Creek,
Well we made it through another year without getting “killed or caught”. We had a great Christmas season with a full house at our annual Luckenbach Christmas Ball which has turned out to be quiet a tradition, so put that on your list to put you in the Christmas spirit for next year. Then we finished out the year in classic Texas style at another old German hall….Kendalia Hall, where we had a “sold out” crowd. So we finished the year on a very positive note and looking forward to more of the same for 2015!

Now we’re off the annual MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, Co. for a week of skiing and music maximus! John and Robin Dickson and the staff at Dickson Productions produce one of the country’s most awesome music festivals in the best possible setting for a winter festival. Steamboat Springs is set up perfectly for such an event, with all the music happening in and around the fabulous Grand Hotel and the adjoining ski area. It’s really a treat for me to get a chance to ski and hang out with my favorite Texas artists; and most of them are there! Soon as we get out of there we hustle back home and do a quick trip to Ft. Worth for a show at Pearl’s, the classic honky-tonk dancehall in the Stockyard District, and then off to the panhandle for a show at the Stumblin” Goat , a new venue for us that is working out great in Canadian,Texas!

Then I have to hustle back to Marble Falls in time to catch the big plane to Melbourne, Australia! Ruth and I are taking a month off and going over to visit our son, Julian, who moved there last summer. He fell in love with a lovely Australian lady who was offered a fabulous job with her company, and they moved there from Houston, where they met at a rugby match. Julian landed a great job as well, working in the mining equipment business, so between them, they are just doing great. They go to Bali, and Tasmania for weekend holidays! So Ruth and I decided we would take the time and go over and visit and see Australia. We have plans to go first to Melbourne, and then in no particular order to Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef, as well as other interesting places. We have never taken a real vacation……that is, one that doesn’t require me having to play shows. So we’re all excited about that! Maybe I’ll get lost in the Outback and disappear. It would be good for my career. I can see the headlines now, “Texas Troubadour Vanishes in Australia!…… Feared Eaten by Crocodiles!” Ha, ha.

Speaking of sons, my oldest son, Lukin is getting married! He’s met and fallen in love with a beautiful lady in Nashville and they plan to tie the knot somewhere in the Pigeon Mountains, in east Tennessee in May. We will be going up there to celebrate that happy occasion. Angie, the bride, just finished nursing school so she is a full-fledged registered nurse! I do admire those who serve in the medical field.

We are so happy for both of them, and really looking forward to having a new member of our family.

Grandson Sylas, has just completed his first semester at Hendrix College in Arkansas. I learned from my friends there that this school is very highly regarded for its academic quality. He chose the school on his own after having had the opportunity to go any school of his choosing. He’s studying political science and plans to go to law school……a lawyer in our family… old dad would be so proud! Isn’t it great that in our country people can start from the most humble of beginnings and rise to any level that they can envision? But of course first, one has to have the vision……then, anything is possible!

2014, was another good year, and in some ways better than a lot of them, and that’s because of the people I have had the privilege to work with this year. Herb Steiner, on the pedal steel, and I have worked together on and off since we met in Hollywood, CA. in 1972. He is a wonderful musician and a really fine man, in addition to being extremely humorous! He keeps me in stitches! Then there is the rhythm section, the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. Huck Johnson came to Austin from Lansing, Michigan. He’s a former football player and champion weight lifter with a heart as big as the big ole upright bass that he plays so well. On the drums is a handsome young man from Boston, Mass., who plays the drums like I like them to be played! I have had the opportunity to improve my guitar playing skills, something I’ve always wanted to do. All things considered, it has been the most enjoyable experience for me. John Burris, my “trail boss”, sound man and road manager is just the best one could ask for. A former professional bull rider, with all the personal qualities of the classic cowboy, John takes care of me and the band’s business with complete integrity, honesty, and dependability. I am so lucky to have these fine men on my team!



Our getaway to Belize is set for the last weekend in August. This past year we had a sold-out group for our trip to the fabulous 5-star VICTORIA HOUSE RESORT in San Pedro, Ambergris, Belize. Many of our guests were repeats from the previous year and many plan to come again. We’ve had lots of folks express they would like to make that trip, but the mid-September date was not convenient to get away. Consequently we have moved it up a couple of weeks to accommodate those who could come in late August. There are only 84 pillows available in this exclusive resort which limits the number of guests that we can accommodate, so I encourage those of you who are interested to make this fabulous trip to book your rooms and ensure your party a place! I perform on Friday and Saturday nights for after dinner shows. If you’ve never been to Belize, it’s most beautiful and laid back place you can imagine. They speak English and accept the yankee dollar! Call 713-344-2340 today and join us for the getaway of a lifetime!

I need to wrap this up and start packing for the trip to Steamboat Springs. I want to express to you all my appreciation for your continued support and friendship. I get so many compliments about how the music means so much to folks in their personal lives and that really makes it all worthwhile for me. If, for any reason anyone needs to get a message to me while I’m in Australia, contact John Burris at or, my agent Chad Kudelka at and they will relay it to me via email. I hope you will continue to order our merchandise and CD’s via my website at, and especially to continue to download our music from iTunes. We’ll be back and hit the road running Feb. 20th.

May God bless you and keep you safe and happy. Until next time, I will remain,

Your friend for life,
Gary P Nunn


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