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26 March 2015


Greetings from Cow Creek,

We have been on the run since the coming of the new year. The first week of January we were off to the TEXAS MUSICFEST in Steamboat Springs for the 5th time for a week of skiing and performing. I had the pleasure to hang and spend quality time with old friends like Michael Martin Murphey and Willis Alan Ramsey, In addition to the scores of younger artists like Kevin Fowler, Jack Ingram, Thom Shepherd, and others too many to mention. We hurried home to make a trip to Ft. Worth and then to Canadian, Texas, getting home just in time for Ruth and I to pack a bag and catch the big plane to Melbourne, Australia for a month of quality, down time, travel, sight seeing and just being regular “touristas”.

Our son Julian moved there with his lovely and able partner, Renee, about a year and a half ago, so we decided to take the opportunity to take a real and well-deserved vacation and go over and visit and see that country. It was a very interesting trip. We spent about 10 days initially in the Melbourne area see all the sights, museums, eating in excellent restaurants, and sampling the local vintage, which is excellent….especially the whites which I learned to appreciate. One of the highlights was to attend the Australian Open Tennis Championship Tournament! I really got into that….plus we’re exposed to cricket, rugby, and Australian football, which is not unlike rugby. I would read the Australian newspapers every day as it was interesting to observe the “rough and tumble” of their parliamentary system. From Melbourne we flew over to Perth on the southwest coast and visited with Renee’s family. We rented a beach house further down south on the extreme southwest corner and spent a few days there in the Margaret River area. One day was a wine tasting tour….5 wineries and a sampling of the local product….There is one winery next to the other! I put on only a couple of pounds I was surprised to discover. We returned to Melbourne for a few days and headed out by car to Sydney. That was a very enjoyable trip. We took the inland route going up making the trip in two days…..Australia’s a very large country…..and rented an apartment in downtown Sydney, a beautiful city. There’s lot’s to do there. Very modern, and cosmopolitan, The favorite thing for me was to spend a day touring the famous Sydney Opera House. Man, it’s everything it’s cracked up to be….unbelievable architecture….right on the harbor of Botany Bay! The coastline, beaches and coastline vistas are absolutely awesome, which we observed and enjoyed on our return trip along the coast road from Sydney to Melbourne. After a couple of days there it was time to come home. We upgraded to business class, which allowed us to lie down and get some quality sleep on our trip. Arrived in LA about 9:00 and we’re back in Austin by 5:00 pm without being totally wiped out with jet lag!

I hit the ground running and we were back on the road to Houston to do a show at the great new venue…..THE REDNECK COUNTRY CLUB…They’ve been open for maybe 6 or 8 months and offer the Houston area a great new venue for our kind of music. Michael Berry, a very popular talk-show host on 740 AM is the owner and does a super job of emceeing and hosting the shows. He goes out of his way to honor military veterans, firemen and police officers, and promote traditional values, which is very unique and appreciated. He even went out of his way to escort me to the edge of the stage whispering, “trust me…just trust me”….I did and found myself “crowd-surfing” on the figure tips of Houston police officers and firemen! That’s a first for me, and not something I would anticipate at my age!

First thing you know it is March and Texas Independence Day Weekend when we play for our friends who celebrate the occasion with all their friends on the banks of the Frio River in Concan. Only thing was the weather was not unlike it was in 1836 with freezing rain and wind. I caught a draft and a chill and have been nursing sinus and bronchial problems ever since while keeping up full time schedule of work and travel. There’s no calling in sick in my business……..but I’m starting to feel better. This past Monday we opened the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with a packed house at the “Hideout”. I was pleased that about 40 of my Tejas Vaqueros brothers joined me on stage to help me sing our favorite tune, “FRIENDS FOR LIFE”!

Next weekend we’re off to Abilene for what has becoming one of the premier music festivals, “OUTLAWS AND LEGENDS”. Producer/promoter MARK POWELL has, in a short 5 years, developed this in to a first class event! We’ll be performing on Friday, March 27th in front of the great legend, CHARLIE DANIELS. Check out Outlaws and Legends Music Festival and make your plans to be there for that.

Spring is music festival season and April 20th will find us at the LARRY JOE TAYLOR TEXAS MUSIC FESTIVAL, where we will kick off the event on Monday, opening night. Larry Joe, Sherry, and son Zack, have made a life’s work out of producing this festival, and now can boast they are the biggest Texas Music Festival. I had the pleasure of playing for his very first festivals back in 1989 90-91. The stage was a flatbed trailer and the festival was in a cow pasture. He’s come a long way since those days, and I’m real proud of his success. So get ready…..”I think I Feel a Party Coming On”!

I am pleased we have sold out the BELIZE BASH, Aug. 27-31st at the 5-star Victoria House in San Pedro, Belize, for the 3rd year in a row! However, some of our regular guests, for whom we are preserving their places, are undecided whether they can make it, so there is a possibility there may be a couple more rooms become available. Anyone who thinks they might like to get on the waiting list should call 713-344-2340 ASAP in case these spaces should open up. It’s a great get away…totally relaxed….totally guacamole…..

I am so proud to announce that my first born son, Lukin Tolliver Nunn and Miss Angela Meeker of Nashville, TN. will be married in the mountains of Tennessee in late May. Miss Meeker is a recently graduated registered nurse from Medical Schools in Nashville. We’ll be going up to spend a few days to celebrate this happy occasion with the happy couple and the family of the bride. Julian and Renee are flying in from Australia. Lukin’s family from his mother’s side will also be in attendance as well as Lukin’s son Sylas T Nunn, who will have finished his first year of study at Hendrix College in Arkansas.

Well, my friends for life, I have to wrap this up. Thanks to all. Keep downloading GPN songs from iTunes, however I must say that the CD’s sure come in handy when you’re headed out on a road trip and you need something to get you down the highway. Keeps the kids occupied as well, and by all reports the kids love my stuff. “Daddy, play the “Macho Man From Taco Land”! I got a YouTube of a three year old singing “Adios Amigo” in the bathroom. That’s the one parents play for their girls when they send them off to college! They play them, “Under Your Hat” , when they send their sons. So I guess I’ve made my small mark on the world through the lives of the folks who take the time to listen. Visit the website and Facebook pages for info, tour schedules, updates, and etc. Our merchandise is available there on the website under Bunkhouse Products. All orders will be attended to promptly cause we want it to be in your hands. We appreciate all your support. I just got my reports for radio airplay and I notice increases in radio airplay and streaming sources for which I thank my friends in the radio business. “Hang on, outlast them, and you’ll be the best”… quote “The Domino Song” by my old friend Frank Hill…..has become my motto! Might work for you too. Until next time, I will remain,

Your friend for life,

Gary P Nunn


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