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22 July 2012


Greetings from Cow Creek,

As the seasons change I am reminded it’s time to reach out with a personal note of news and thanks to you all. It has been a good spring in several ways, the most important for all of us is that we have received some much needed rain! We are so thankful and relieved though we could use lots more to get caught up from the terrible draught that has plagued our area the last few years. The country is green and ablaze with bluebonnets and Indian pain brushes!

We have been busy touring full time in addition to taking every available day to work in the studio recording a new CD, which means working overtime. The CD is near completion. Our plan is to release two or three singles over the course of the summer, and release the CD with a big splash in late August. The digital nature of the business suggests this is the best course of action. We will send out notice when the singles are available on ITunes and I’m excited about the prospects for this project. There are several tunes I’ve had on a list for many years and just haven’t gotten around to recording them. I decided it was time. Once again, I mined the catalogue of Nunn Publishing Co. and Bar Nunn Music, a partnership with country songwriter Levi Mullen, as well as a couple of outside songs I couldn’t resist. I tested them all at live shows, and received very positive response. The audience always tells you what the best tunes are.

As you may recall, we went back to France in late March. We’ve captured quite an audience there and played to sold out houses. It’s just so cool to play for European audiences, as they love the whole “Texas Thing”. They dress as western as they can and cherish every icon of Texas culture. It’s just so cool because they seem to share our spirit for life. They gave us the most generous hospitality you could imagine and I want to send our sincere love and gratitude to our friends in France.

Also, notable shows include the MUSICFEST in Steamboat Springs, Mark Powell’s excellent 2nd annual production of OUTLAWS AND LEGENDS in Abilene, and Larry Joe Taylor’s Festival, and HOMER’S BACKYARD BALL in Amarillo, from which we just returned this past weekend.

Our summer calendar, as you will see by visiting or the Facebook page, is filling up nicely. We’re back in Port Aransas at the BACK PORCH three times again this summer starting the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. I’m hoping you will plan your summer trip to the beach on a weekend we are there. It has become somewhat of a tradition for us to be in Port A for three dates during the summer, and lots of you do plan your vacations to catch us there. Memorial Weekend also finds us on the Frio River in Concan at the HOUSE PASTURE, and on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels at GRUENE HALLE. I call it my “GET WET WEEKEND WITH GARY P. NUNN”! These are three of my very favorite vacation destinations and I would love to spend about a week at each one!

The family is doing well. Ruth has been busy keeping this operation running.
This includes the management of the record company, publishing company, as well as overseeing the touring scheduling and promotions. In addition to that, she keeps our home and property in good order, tends her garden and menagerie of animals, and me with her chef-like cooking. I’m so fortunate to have her, as she is largely responsible for the success we have and the happiness I enjoy!

Lukin,, my first born, is still in Nashville, working for the Whole Foods Company, playing some music and writing songs. I don’t get to see him near enough and I miss him a lot. I plan to start making some excursions to Nashville so I can spend time with him. While I’m there maybe see about finding a venue where we can go up there and do a “Texas Night In Tennessee”. There are bunches of musicians and songwriters from Texas who live in Nashville. I bet we could get a group together and have a big ole “pechanga”! It would be good for Nashville.

My grandson, Sylas, lives in Nashville as well and is 16 now and just about grown up. I’d say 6 foot 2 is about grown up. He’s so smart he qualified to attend a special school for gifted kids. He’s finishing up his sophomore year at the top of his class. He’s always read a lot and I’m sure that has a lot to do with his being so successful in school. He is also very talented musically, though I’m reluctant to encourage him too much. I’d rather he have a “normal life”.

Our son, Julian, is in Houston. He has landed a new job with the Baker-Hughes Corporation. It’s definitely a step up and his opportunity for advancement is greatly enhanced. He’s a smart young man and I have no doubt that he will be successful. He’s the captain of the Houston Area Rugby Team and that’s a whole other world. He just got back from a trip to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. He has a girlfriend from that area and she plays rugby too!


Perhaps you recall having gotten a notice from me regarding a new mobile phone connection we have established to be in touch with our fans in real time. Several hundreds of you responded and opted in. If you didn’t at that time, I encourage you once again to take the time to join the “GARY P. NUNN ALL ACCESS VIP CLUB”. You do this by texting to 70000 the message garyp. That’s garyp, no space, to 70000. It’s as simple as that and you‘re “in there”. I will, from time to time, send out notices of special interest regarding, for example, the release of a new single, or the release of the new CD, or special merchandising offers, and etc. I promise I won’t fill up you phone with loads of junky stuff. There will also be free downloads of songs. Right now, if you text now, you will receive a free download of one of my most popular tunes, “ADIOS AMIGO”.

It’s time for me to hit the trail. I have a song on the new CD titled, “MY WAY IS THE HIGHWAY”, and that pretty much sums it up. I do it because I love it. I do it because of the response I get from all of you when I do show up. Fellow told me the other day, we come to see you, because it’s fun, and you seem to enjoy what you do so much. That made me feel good. I am so fortunate to have the kind of support I have from you all and it is appreciated so very much. We’ve managed to make a life and a living out of the music business without selling our souls. We have our freedom, and freedom is the most precious and rare thing that any one could ever possess. Until next time, I will remain your friend for life. Gary P. Nunn


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