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10 June 2015


Greetings from Cow Creek,

Wow, summer sneaked up on me and here we are in the middle of June.  You’ve all heard about the rain that nearly swept us away over the Memorial Day Weekend.

We were scheduled to play our annual Memorial Weekend show at the House Pasture Steakhouse in Concan.  We ended up getting trapped between the Frio River and a smaller creek behind us.  Had we gotten across the Frio we would have been trapped for 2 days and missed our other show in Bandera at the 11th Street Saloon where we shared the stage with Jason Roberts and Dale Watson.   We are thankful for the rain and yet sad for those who suffered losses in the floods.

We recently returned from Tennessee where we attended son Lukin’s wedding.  He and the lovely Angela Meeker of Nashville were married in fine fashion with my old friend Charles John Quarto performing the ceremony with a special poem written for the occasion. Fifty or so people attended the event staged at a beautiful lodge way out in the hills south of Chattanooga, TN.  The event was catered with 5 course meals by one of Lukin’s “wild and crazy” chef friends, and the food was awesome!   Son Julian and his lady Renee came all the way from Australia.  It’s the first time that all my immediate family has been together at the same time. It was quite an affair and we enjoyed it immensely.

Headed to LOVE AND WAR IN TEXAS in Grapevine, Tx. this Saturday, June 13th, to perform at the all-day 1st Annual Calf Fry Festival!  They are going for a Guinness World Record for who can eat the most calf fries in a minute!  The bill includes the host, Austin Cunningham, Johnny Rodriquez, Zane Williams, Mark David Manders, and a plethora of other talented artists including yours truly.  This is bound to be a hoot and lots of fun, so I want to invite all of you in the DFW north Texas area to make your plans to be there for this one of a kind, Socially Acceptable Testicle Festival!  Can’t you just see the T-Shirts?  “We went ‘nuts’ at the Calf Fry Festival!” ;  and my vote for the official song would be, which I have recorded by the way…………… “DIDN’T WE HAVE US A BALL?”        No where but Texas……….!!!!!!

I am announcing my up coming 70th birthday due to arrive on December 4th.  Good God!  Never thought I would live this long, but I have.  The good news is I’m still feeling great and having more fun playing music than ever.   I have no health problems except for a few little skin things; the result of intensive over exposure to sun when I was a lifeguard at the local pool in Brownfield, Texas during summers in high school.  I loved that job, cause that was where all the girls were at!  Anyhow, back the present and reality…….They have planned a weekend of celebrating my 70th birthday starting at a special show at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth on Thursday, Dec. 3rd, then to Floore’s Country Store in Helotes on Friday the 4th, and closing out the big weekend at The Redneck Country Club in Houston on the 5th.  Michael Berry, noted radio talk show personality at Radio 740 AM in Houston, and owner of the Redneck Country Club called me the other day and informed me that he had a once in a lifetime opportunity to book Charlie Pride at the RCC.  The only date available was Dec. 5th.!  Would I mind to share a co-billing with Charlie Pride on Dec. 5th?   Absolutely not!   I would be honored and thrilled the share the bill with the great Charlie Pride.  So I’m giving you plenty of advanced notice!  Go to your calendar right now and mark down one of these dates and plan to help me celebrate seven decades of life on this earth.  Despite all the hard times I wouldn’t change a thing as all has turned out really well! I knew it would if I would just keep on keeping on!   “Chewing on the good times, spittin’ out the bad”…… from the tune, Nobody But Me.

And speaking of honors, I was invited to attend President George W Bush’s Annual W 100 Mile Bike Ride for Wounded Warriors.  This is a grueling 3-day 100 mountain bike ride and the President leads the ride the whole way.  That requires some kind of being in shape as few of us are. I was impressed!  And no, I did not ride.  I had the opportunity to sit at the President’s table for the banquet, and was invited to sing a list of 6 six songs picked especially by Mrs. Bush.  Two notable ones were,  “Where’s the Country in Our Country Music”, and “Didn’t We Have Us a Ball?”   The following day at the conclusion of the ride, I had the opportunity to have lunch with the President and First Lady.  I must say that I couldn’t have been treated with more hospitality and down home friendliness.

Things are going along just great.  Been so busy just working and touring with the band and enjoyed it very much.  The band seems to have settled in with the return of Lars Albrecht on guitar, and the addition of bass player extraordinaire, Ric Ramirez, noted bass player from San Antonio, that I have used often in the past when I was recording at Tommy Detamore’s Cherry Ridge Studio in Floresville.  Russ Patterson is hanging in there on drums and doing a fine job.  Of course, John Burris, our trail boss and “does everything” guy is still doing his outstanding job getting us where we need to be on time.  Still haven’t had time to get back in the studio.  I have plenty of tunes ready to go.  I’ve thought about bringing back some songs left behind from the Lost Gonzo Band days that I feel might be pertinent and relative today.  They are just not country.   I’m of the mind that that should not be an issue.  A good song is a good song and I don’t get top 40 airplay anyway.  Just get it out there and see how the audience responds.  I’ve always had a pretty good ear for tunes that have lasting quality.  I’ve thought about doing a “rap song” or two to appeal to the younger crowd!    Naaaaaaaaaaaah……. it’s not going to happen.

Well, I need to wrap this up.  Dying to get out in my studio that Ruth built for me and practice my guitar and piano.  I had a chance to play piano at the bar at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston the other night.  That will probably be my gig when I decide to hang up my traveling spurs.  Thanks to you all for your friendship and support.  Gonna keep it up as long as it feels good. Tell your friends who have been waiting for years to come see me, they better go ahead and put it on the bucket list.

Download my songs from iTunes as they all have lasting quality.

Love and God Bless.     Friends for Life,

Gary P Nunn


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