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26 May 2016


Greetings From Cow Creek,

Once again I look up and another season has flown by.   We kicked off the new year with our annual trip to the TEXAS MUSIC FEST in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is just an awesome event!  The top of the line Texas music talent with several veteran pioneers added on to keep it all in prospective as to where it all started.  This year’s honorary artist selected for tribute was JOE ELY.  I was so pleased as I had the opportunity to help him get started with his first record deal with MCA Records.  Michael Martin Murphey was there as well.  He was the one who got me started in the business of writing, recording and music publishing.  Cool thing about Steamboat Springs is the festival takes place right in the heart of the ski area, so you can hit the slopes at your leisure, which I do if they don’t keep me up all night!

Usually it’s a little slow in January and February, but we stayed busy and just hit the road running after returning from Steamboat….lots of private affairs and new venues, plus annual events such as the HUG-IN around Valentine’s Day at LUCKENBACK,  which just continues to grow with every passing year.  I was able to work in a couple of ski trips….one, to my old stomping grounds,  Taos Ski Valley….and one to Crested Butte, which I have had the pleasure of visiting the last few years!  April and May we were slammed with work from one end of the state to the other with shows at the OUTLAWS AND LEGENDS FESTIVAL in Abilene where, over the last couple of years I have had to great honor and pleasure to share the stage with and get to know, Dean Dillon, one of the greatest songwriters of our time.  Dean has begun performing more live shows the last couple of years and fortunately for me, our paths have crossed….primarily due to the efforts of O & L’s producer, my good friend MARK POWELL!  Then there is always, LARRY JOE TAYLOR’S annual blowout, which I have the pleasure of playing the first night for a party for VIP’s, staff, and early arrivals.  This year was awesome with the crowd singing along every word of every song!  Larry Joe introduces me as the guy who got him started in the music business…..and adds, “I don’t know whether to hit him or hug him!”

So here we are almost to the !st of June, and the summer season kicks of this weekend with Memorial Day shows in New Braunfels at the River Road Ice House, then to Port Aransas for the first of 5 summer shows at the Back Porch, then off to Concan for a little “body surfing the Frio” at the House Pasture Cattle Company.  I was the first artist to play there and it has grown into one of the premier venues in the state of Texas…Bring your bathing suits, flip-flops, and some sunscreen and come join on this for this fun filled weekend at one or all of these shows!

You know, I have been seriously considering trying to retire from so much working as I have passed my 70th birthday and halfway to the 71st.  I’ve been playing since 1960 in the 8th grade.  Count’em up….that’s 55 years!  However, business just keeps getting better, the crowds larger and more enthusiastic, and I have a great group of musicians working with me, so I’m enjoying playing more than ever….but, it hasn’t all been fun and games.   There were times when I really did want to quit but I couldn’t afford to.  But honestly, there are other things I would like to do in this life before it’s all over….like focusing on recording the vast repertoire of music I have acquired in my publishing company…some of which I have written myself, but never had the opportunity to record.  I’d like to get as much recorded as possible cause I’m the only one who knows what’s in there and if I don’t do it most likely it will disappear into the mist!   However, since I’m booked for so many shows this year already, I guess I’ll continue for a while and honor my obligations.

Everything is good here at the A-O.  Ruth just spent 3 weeks in Italy on a cooking tour, which took in all the sights in Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Sicily.  She has over 700 photos of the trip that are really awesome.  I have been the beneficiary as she brought home lots of recipes directly from Sicilian kitchens….umm, umm, umm,

I love Italian cooking and she is really a chef in disguise.  Wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world!

The kids are all doing well.  Lukin and his new bride are settled into the home they bought in Nashville.  Angie is a nurse and works in Intensive Care and we’re really proud that Lukin found her.  Lukin left Whole Foods after about 10 years of service and took a position in a smaller company that does the same type of supplying of wholesome organic food.  He is using his experience to great advantage with the new company and seems to be happier with the situation.  His son Sylas, just finished his second year at Hendrix College in Arkansas, and is back in Nashville with a summer job with a sound equipment company.  He’s still feeling his way as we all do at 19.  Son Julian and his lady Renee have returned from a 3 yr. stint in Melbourne, Australia, back to Houston and bought a new house and are getting settled in.  He wants to get into the real estate development business and is learning his chops doing residential renovations.  He’s motivated, hard working, trustworthy, and success oriented, so I have no doubt he will do well in his chosen field.

Hey, I’ve got to finish this up and get out of here and get ready from the Memorial Weekend trip.  We’ve decided to make an effort to promote ourselves at last and try to capitalize on the resources we have accumulated over the years, so you may be seeing more activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I want to thank you all for your friendship and support as I truly cherish the friendships I enjoy and appreciate so very much that you all have supported my efforts through these many years.  I can’t help but think there is a larger audience out there who would be our friends and fans if we ever had a chance to win them over.  So come and see us when you can, and bring a friend.  We win them over one at a time.  As always, my CD”s and merchandise are available for mail order at  An order through Pay Pal can have the products in your hands as quick as the mail will deliver them.  Itunes sales are consistently increasing so please continue to download the music.

Gotta run…..Love Y’all…

Friends for Life….
Gary P Nunn



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