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20 December 2012


Greetings from Cow Creek,

Hello and happy holidays from the Texas hill country. It’s that time again already! You blink and another year has flown by. The good news is that we’ve been very busy. Covered a lot of new ground this year, played a lot of new venues and made a lot of new friends. We are truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Naturally, there are goals that have not been realized yet, but we continue to make progress, and the good news is I’m still having fun and enjoy very much what I do.

The first part of this year was consumed by the production of my 15th CD, “ ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!” Of course, we do not take off work to do it, but it’s done on the off days in the middle of an already busy touring schedule. We recorded again with Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio in Floresville. Tommy is such a pleasure to work with….so easy going, such a great recording engineer , and master musician besides. I used a combination of the Bunkhouse Band and the top session musicians in this part of the country. Evan and Lars, together with Dan Dreeben on drums, Ric Ramirez on upright bass, Floyd Domino on keys, Bobby Flores on fiddle, John Carroll on guitar, and Tommy doing the steel work, made my job easy. Y’all should hear some of the out-takes that ended up on the cutting room floor! But like Tommy said, “these projects are never finished, they’re just abandoned”. At some point you have to wrap them up and send them out into the world, like children you raise and watch leave the next. There is a balancing act in play here. I make decisions about what songs to sing based on my gut feeling of what will be relative and meaningful far into the future, rather than how can I get to the top of the charts for a couple a weeks. Universal truths are always true. They may be humorous, they may be sad. If you can find one every now and then, you try to work it into a song, or find a song containing one, then you may be remembered many years from now. Plus, in my world, they need to be songs that can be danced to!

I’m getting some really great feedback from fans about this new CD, often from the most unexpected sources….folks that don’t consider themselves music fans, don’t go out to dances and concerts, and don’t normally buy CD’s. It makes me feel good that I can get through to folks who don’t normally listen, and it reaffirms my commitments to follow my own instincts. I just need you all to help me spread the word! “One way or another, you’re gonna love me someday” ……………

It’s been a good year. “I’ve been lucky, knock on wood. Working steady and life is good”. We’ve maintained a busy work schedule, as you know if you keep up with our itinerary. We had the great honor and privilege to open for the great RAY PRICE at the San Antonio Rodeo Gala. We got a great response from the 4,000 or so attendees and I got to sit stage side in the VIP section and hang with San Antonio radio legends Jerry King and Bruce Hathaway and hear the Ray Price Show. It was awesome to hear Ray for the first time ever for me.

We had a sell-out show at the Broken Spoke the night after Thanksgiving and will be there again for the Christmas Show on Dec. 21st. We’ll be in Luckenbach, Texas for our annual “Hill Country Christmas Ball” on Dec. 22nd. New Year’s Eve we’ll be at the Legend Club in Salado, Tx., so we’re looking forward to seeing all of you from Georgetown to Waco, and Copperas Cove to Rockdale, and all points in between and beyond to celebrate the coming of the new year with us!

Then we’re off for the 3rd straight year to MUSICFEST in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This is an amazing event in the most awesome setting you could imagine for presenting a music festival. Ski all day in one of the premier resorts in the US, and hear the top bands and songwriters out of Texas Music Scene all night. Since Ruth and I love to ski, we take full advantage of the situation and try to ski every run on the mountain. Last year we good lost and stranded on a closed run accidentally while looking for off the beaten path trails. She went one way and I went another, got separated, lost and up to our chins in powder…..heck of an adventure getting out of there and back together! Good story though!

The family’s all well.. Ruth has this place looking pretty good. A few years back, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said she wanted a Kubota tractor with a brush hog and a front end loader!. She’s out there right now knocking down mesquite bushes and juniper. That girl can get the work done, and don’t mess with her unless you wanna fight! I don’t mess with her.

Lukin is still in Nashville, working at Whole Foods and making some music. We have a ski trip planned later in the year. Love to go back and see all my old friends at the St. Bernard at Taos Ski Valley. I don’t get to Nashville and he doesn’t get to Austin, so we don’t get to see each other that much. It will sure be good to spend some time with him. His boy Sylas, is a sophomore at a school for gifted kids that he attends. He’s a straight A student, reads everything he gets his hands on, and is very talented musically, plus being tall, dark, and extraordinarily handsome! It’s just not fair!

Son Julian got s new job working for Baker and Hughes in Houston. He’s still playing rugby, but sidelined right now from an injury riding a mechanical bull! He has a new girlfriend from New Zealand. She plays rugby too. They travel a lot and seem to get along very well. They’ll fly off to London for the weekend to see a rugby game, and do all kinds of stuff like that. It’s just not fair!

Well, I better wrap this up. Remember to visit our BUNKHOUSE PRODUCTS STORE at and order some GARY P NUNN products for Christmas presents. The gift that will keep on giving years of “good old Texas fun”
We’ll get your orders out by Christmas, but you need to put in your orders now, as we are at the mercy of time and the Post Office! Call your radio stations and request a GPN song now and then. It all helps and I can’t do it without your help. I love and appreciate you all so very much, and wish you all a joyous Christmas season and prosperous New Year!

Your friend for life,
Gary P. Nunn


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